Drumming Grouse Brewery, L.L.C

Mike's Chocolet Octoberfest this week at the Harrison Farmers Market

Find our beer at the:  
Black Horse Tavern in Bridgton
Harrison Farmers Market - Fridays 1-5

Beer is our passion
Drumming Grouse Brewery, L.L.C. specializes in crafting small batch beers.  Need some just for you - we can brew it.

Two Maine boys who love to brew.

So, What is a drumming grouse anyway?  See below for the answer.

A special thanks to Chris, Mike, Ray, Wayne who helped with the brewery rasing!

The story behind our beer:

Uncle Jimmy’s Lobster Ale  
A pale ale that is very drinkable with just a hint of real lobster.  This beer is in honor of my wife's uncle, Jim Keeler.  Well known as a traditional clambake chef who did it the old-fashioned way with seaweed and a wood fire.  Jim cooked as many as 100 lobsters in a single batch, along with clams and corn-on-the cob.
Swedish Royal Stout  
A salute to my Swedish heritage and my grandfather. True story: My grandfather emigrated from Sweden as a 16-year-old to avoid military conscription.  At the time, he spoke no English. Arriving at Ellis Island, he needed to find his brother and was put on a train to Millerton, NY. When he arrived someone said He talks like that man over in Lakeville, CT. Turns out that man was the brother my grandfather’d been searching for! Pop raised a family of five children and lived to be 97.

River Run
A wonderfully light, pale ale with tropical fruit and citrus flavor, a sweet aroma and lite notes of resiny pine and hints of black tea.   Designed specificaly as a good beer to take down the river.

More to  come as time permits.
Our Approach to brewing
We treat each batch of beer as if it were the only one we could brew

What is a drumming grouse?

A drumming grouse is a male game bird who, in the spring, stands on a stump, log, or something that gives him a perch as a place to proclaim his territory.   He then beats himself on the chest with his wings, very slowly at first but with increasing speed until he sounds like a snare drummer going as fast as he can.  

Why would a male do this - why to call a female for breeding of course.
Sometimes you’ll also hear a young males will do this in the fall for practice.

See the link below if you’ve never heard it in the woods (and couldn’t identify it). This will give you a chance to add to your book of what strange things  males do.

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